What to eat and drink in Seville

What to eat and drink in Seville

What to eat in Seville? Obviously Tapas, the Andalusian city has numerous super good and delicious restaurants where you can find typical things and at truly incredible prices. But first, it is also good to talk about the eating habits of the area in order to be prepared.

The eating habits of Andalucia are a bit particular, the times are all different from those in Italy, for example breakfast is served in the late morning and lunch is not before 14pm. It does not end here, because dinner will be late in the evening. . But what to eat and drink in Seville? Certainly there are many Sevillian delights, you just need to choose. Today we will see Where to eat in Seville and what are the ideal places where "tapear" among the restaurants of Seville.

Where to eat in Seville: style and typical things

Seville cuisine is very tasty, characterized by olive oil and the famous Jamón, the Spanish cured ham. Among the typical dishes of this city we also find the Gazpacho, it is a very tasty cold tomato soup and a must try in the summer heat of the Andalusian capital.

Therefore what to eat and drink in Seville it's not a problem, you just have to choose. The typical thing is that in the city you eat with tastings, also called caps, these are portions of food that are usually eaten in front of a good beer, a good glass of Andalusian wine or just to try more things.

Le Sevillian tapas they are very abundant, so be careful not to overdo it. And what is it possible to drink? Obviously the cerveza, or beer, if you don't like it you can choose the tinto di verano, it is a wine with gassosa or Fanta, but very good and a must try, especially in summer.

Among the most famous, and among the more than 4 thousand tapas bars, we find El Rinconcillo, Bodeguita Romero and Bodega Morales, all to try absolutely when you are in the city. But let's see, more precisely what to choose to eat in Seville and above all where.

What to eat and drink in Seville: where to eat

The places where you can have lunch and dinner are really many, some very good, others to avoid, in this article I will try to give you some advice on the most suitable places to try the typical things of the city.

Seville restaurants: what we recommend for tapas

As already mentioned, one of the ways to eat in Seville is certainly tapas.

The Colonials

It is one of the typical places where to eat excellent tapas, there are two "Los Coloniales" both in the heart of Seville and both always very full, we advise you to go early (at 13.00) and try to take a seat. Here in reality everything is really very good, among the typical dishes we find the salmorejo and the Iberian colonial table: toast with raw ham and quail eggs.

El Rinconcillo, Calle Gerona 40

It is one of the oldest bars in Seville and among the best dishes we certainly find spinach with chickpeas, or spinach with chickpeas a dish that may be "strange" but is actually very good. Always among the dishes recommended in this place we find the sirloin with whiskey.

Bodeguita Romero, Calle Harinas 10

From my point of view one of the places to go absolutely since you eat really good here, I have personally tried different dishes and I must say that each one surpasses the other. Above all, I absolutely recommend eating there Spanish potato omlette and  piripi a really small pork sandwich exquisite!

More bars and restaurants to eat tapas in Seville

Below is a series of restaurants where to eat in Seville in addition to those mentioned above:

  • Morales winery
  • Entrecarceles
  • Santa Cruz Winery
  • Track Alvaro Peregil
  • Bar Pepe Hillo
  • Bar Postiguillo
  • Sol y Sombra

Here you can find the excellence of Andalusian cuisine, more precisely of the cuisine of Seville. If you want to eat del fish, especially since you will always find fresh products here, we recommend going to restaurants from Seville:

  • La Moneda to Calle Almirantzgo: a little out of the center but if you have the chance we absolutely recommend it);
  • Flower Kiosk: on the banks of the river (Calle Betis), an evocative setting. The products are excellent, the prices a little higher than the average in the city of Seville.

These are the main places to eat, slightly off the beaten path, but exceptional and a must try there The walkers , it is a religious posting bodega where it is possible to find many paintings of the semana santa in Seville. This restaurant is located in Montequinto, you can reach it by taking the Seville metro to the stop of the same name (Montequinto).

Where to eat Paella in Seville

Although this is not a typical dish of the area, since the best Paella will surely be in Valencia, here in Seville it is also possible to eat this world famous Spanish dish. river, but I absolutely recommend that you eat local dishes because they will surely be better.

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