Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain

Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain

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Seville it is the destination that everyone dreams of thinking of Spain and Andalusia. A unique city, where the tourist feels at home despite all things to see that will leave him speechless. Seville it is a city with a strong identity, with a glorious past and an even more rosy tourist present. A destination that you will love from the first moment and that you will hardly forget.

Seville: the epicenter of southern Spain

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, the connection point of the region with the rest of Spain. It is the largest city in the whole of the south of the Iberian Peninsula and not just now. For decades Seville was one of the most important cities in all of Europe both under Muslim rule and after the Christian reconquest. It was the main port of connection between Europe and the Americas, a factor that gave birth to the luxuriant Siglo de Oro, the most grandiose artistic period of the Spain.

Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
The Alcazar, one of the essential monuments.

Climate and temperatures in Seville

The climate is only the first of the factors that a tourist will love in Seville. In this city it is hardly ever cold, not even in winter. The sun is almost constant, as are the mild temperatures. Seville's only major climatic defect is the torrid summer. This season, with temperatures exceeding 40 sparse, is in fact not the most recommended for walking around the city. In reverse, spring and autumn these are certainly the seasons where you can enjoy the city the most.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
Summer in the historic center.

What to see in Seville: the most important monuments

A Seville there are dozens and dozens of monuments to see, as well as hundreds of unique views to discover. In this city it is exalted to appreciate the mix cristiano-mussulmano that past civilizations have left as a testimony of their passage. The main examples are clearly the Seville Cathedral, La Giralda and l 'Quarterdeck. The third monument that you shouldn't miss in Seville is certainly the majestic one Plaza of Spain, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Absolutely to visit then there will be the Barrio Santa Cruz, the Torre del Oro, the Maestranza arena, the Triana bridge and las Setas, by order of date the last great monument to be highlighted in Seville.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
L'imperdibile Plaza de España.

A Seville however we will find many other buildings that must be visited if you have time, for example like the Casa Pilatos, the Palacio de Lebrija, the Casa Salinas or the Casa de las Dueñas. Even the religious monumental heritage is more than numerous in this city, just remember the church of El Salvador, San Luis or the Cartuja monastery.

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Recommended tourist itinerary

A coherent tourist itinerary of 2 or 3 days in Seville could develop starting from the most monumental square of the city, or the Plaza del Triunfo where Giralda, Alcázar and Archivo de Indias overlook, or the Unesco heritage triangle. From this point it will be possible to take the great Avenida de la Constitución to arrive near the Plaza de España, the only somewhat isolated monument in the city. Retracing our steps we will pass by the Torre del Oro and walk in the breeze of Guadalquivir river up to the Triana bridge and then go back into the center up to Las Setas and from there finish our tour by visiting the Barrio Santa Cruz.

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Buy tickets for Sevillian monuments

Seville is a city in vogue for tourism and it is increasingly necessary book tickets for monuments in advance. It is therefore good to plan when to visit the Cathedral with the Giralda and when to book the Alcázar, the two monuments that welcome the most visitors to the city.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
It is essential to book tickets before traveling.

Tourist guides in Seville

The one of visit Seville with a tour guide is a great option. It is a city that must be understood and who better than a professional to do this? It will be possible to reserve an official Italian tour guide who will explain us everything about the Andalusian capital.

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Alternatively, if you are looking for something cheaper it will be possible to make a free city tour. A tour suitable for getting a first smattering of the history and present of main capital of southern Spain.

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Festivities in Seville

If there is something that is not lacking in Seville are the festivals, traditions and any type of cultural or social event. In Seville you live "on the street", in bars and you will hardly see the deserted city. This is why Seville is celebrated on any type of date reported. There are some parties, however, that involve the whole city.

Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
The Fair of April.

The Fair of April

La Feria de Abril in Seville it is perhaps the mirror of Andalusian society. A mega-week-long festival, where people dust off traditional costumes and in which under the sun they are ready to dance, eat and drink without any qualms. A week of flamenco and colors to be experienced.

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The Semana Santa in Seville

The opposite of the Feria is la Holy Week, perhaps the most important in all of Spain. Here devotion reigns supreme and it will be impressive to see with what participation the Sevillians get involved during this particular week. A week of people everywhere, of ancestral traditions and prayers.

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Christmas in Seville

Il Christmas time in Seville, as in all of Spain, it is not among the most famous in Europe. In recent years, however, more and more public has begun to appreciate the Sevillian Christmas initiatives and the mild month of December.

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La Velá de Santa Ana

On the other hand, in the summer, the Old Santa Ana, a very local festival, where the characteristic Triana neighborhood showcases all its beauty and authenticity.

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Valentine's Day in Seville

Seville is also a romantic city. Strolling along the bank of the Guadalquivir, taking photos in Plaza de España or taking a carriage ride in the Maria Luisa Park are just some of the most romantic things to do during the Valentine's day in Seville.

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What to do in Seville

Seville is not just made up of monuments. In this city it is possible to do a myriad of things all different from each other. There are many museums to visit, as well as other outdoor activities: from take an aperitif with a view from the top of a classic Sevillian terrace, up to a giro in ski, in bicycle or even in a hot air balloon.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
Stroll along the Guadalquivir.

See a flamenco show

One of the must-do things in Seville is undoubtedly go see a flamenco show. This dance so intense and so characteristic of Andalusia is good to enjoy in this city that is at home. There are many places where you can see a show with various prices and various types.

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Cruise along the Guadalquivir

Take the boat and see Seville from the river it's a very interesting thing to do, as well as a quiet moment after walking all day. On a cruise in the Guadalquivir you will be able to see very well the neighborhood and the bridge of Triana.

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Visit Seville by bike

Seville is one of the European cities with the best network of cycle paths. This is why visiting the monuments using the bicycle is not crazy at all, on the contrary it is an activity that is becoming more and more popular.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
One of the best cycling networks in Europe.

Shopping in Seville

Inevitable in every holiday is the time to shopping or at least buy some souvenirs. TO Seville there is a specific area where you can do all this. In Calle Tetuán you can shop in the trendy shops, while in the adjacent Calle Sierpes you will find all the clothes and accessories of the Sevillian tradition.

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Visit the markets of Seville

To really get to know a place you have to go to the markets and flea markets. In Seville there are several, in scattered areas of the city, specializing in different sales and which take place on different days of the week.

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Best view of Seville

Living the terraces overlooking the Giralda it is something very common in Seville. Immerse yourself with the locals and visit the best view bars or viewpoints in the city.

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Tourism oil in Seville

Just outside the city it will be possible to immerse yourself in a very Andalusian activity, the visit of an oil mill. THE'oil in Andalusia it is regarded as the green gold and is an economic source of income for a large number of people. In Seville it will be possible to discover, through a guided tour, how this happens and all the secrets of this national product.

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Flying in a hot air balloon in Seville

Seeing Andalusia from above is something indescribable. Contemplate the typical ones Andalusian landscapes surrounding Seville seen from the top of a hot air balloon at the first light of dawn, it is an experience that will leave you speechless.

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Eating in Seville

It is not possible to say that you have visited Seville without having tried the rich local gastronomy. In this city it will be very difficult to eat badly. There are many quality bars and restaurants and absolutely you will have to try to have lunch or dinner with the famose tapas.

Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
One of the many bars in Seville.

What to eat in Seville

I typical dishes to try in Seville they are really many. You can start with a classic aperitif such as chicharrones, and then move on to a serranito, a pescaito frito or a plate of espinacas with arbanzos. Also with regard to desserts, in Seville we will find an extensive menu.

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Where to eat in Seville

In my opinion, places to eat in Seville they are divided into two categories: typical clubs and modern bars. Both of one species and the other we will find exquisite and cheap places, but beware of tourist traps.

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A rather trivial advice is to going to eat where the Sevillians themselves go, that is, the true experts of the gastronomic culture of the city.

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Another very curious aspect of gastronomy a Seville is the particular sweet or savory breakfast that you absolutely must try in this city.

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Where to go out in the evening in Seville

How not to mention the famous Spanish "movida". Also Seville is a city where you can have fun in the evening with many areas, such as Alameda, Alfalfa or Calle Betis, full of places where you can go out, go dancing, listen to music or simply to have a drink.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
The Triana bridge in the evening.

Getting around in Seville

Though Seville is the largest city in southern Spain, the historic center of this city is rather limited and the distances are not that great. For this, it will be possible visit Seville easily on foot. However, if we want to visit something more sophisticated or have booked a hotel outside the center to save a little bit, then there will be no problems in using the By public transport: mainly buses and metro.

Public transport in Seville

Few times it will be necessary to use the public transport in Seville. If we were to visit some destination that is difficult to reach on foot, then you can take advantage of one metro line che collega Triana, Puerta Jerez, Prado de San Sebastián, San Bernardo and Nervión, a tram which connects the entire historic center with the Prado de San Sebastián and San Bernardo or gli bus that perfectly connected the whole city both by day and by night.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
Bus passing by the Torre del Oro.

How to get from the airport to the center

Getting from Seville airport to the center it's pretty easy. There are two alternatives: the bus or the taxi. The first solution is cheaper but it will be necessary to compensate for it with a few stretches on foot. The second, on the other hand, is more expensive but much more comfortable.

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Car rental in Seville

As mentioned, for visit Seville there is absolutely no need to rent a car. Seville, however, is also one of the gateway to Andalusia and for this reason it might be useful to know where to find the best rent a car in the city.

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Where to sleep in Seville

The city center, the Barrio Santa Cruz, Triana, Macarena, Nervión or San Bernardo are just some of the areas I recommend where to sleep in Seville. All of these neighborhoods certainly have strengths and weaknesses. Some of the areas will be cheaper than others at the expense of location. It will therefore be important to choose the ideal hotel that meets all our needs.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
A beautiful hotel in the center.

Security in Seville

Seville is a safe city. There are no permanent risks or crime that makes this city not recommended as a destination for your holidays. Also with regard to theCovid-19 emergency, Seville it got going quickly, making it one of the first cities to boast the safety and hygiene mark (Safe Travel Stamp).

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
The Alcazar after Covid.

What to see near Seville

As anticipated, Seville can be the starting point for a tour of Andalusia or the surroundings of the city. There are many things to see in the province of Seville or in any case a short distance away. About an hour by car we find the first beaches, as well as monumental cities or fabulous natural landscapes.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
Italica, the Roman village near Seville

Visit Italy, the Roman cradle in Seville

A few kilometers from Seville, or 10 minutes by car, it is possible to visit Italica in the town of Santiponce. Italica is the Roman cradle of Seville, here we find a real well-preserved town and absolutely worth seeing. In addition, entry is free.

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What to see from Seville to Cordoba

One of the most popular routes is that between Seville and Cordoba. In the same direction it will also be possible to reach the capital of Spain, or Madrid. Between these kilometers that separate the two cities we find in the province of Seville very interesting monumental towns such as Carmona ed Ecija.

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What to see from Seville to Malaga

Just over two hours separate the two most important cities of Andalusia: Seville and Malaga. Along these kilometers, in the province of Seville we find very nice villages such as Marchena or Osuna and in the province of Malaga very important tourist resorts such as Antequera, Ronda or the Caminito del Rey.

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What to see from Seville to Cadiz

From Seville, heading west we will go towards the province of Cadiz. Between Seville and Cadiz you will have to stop in Jerez to taste the famous sherry wine and the true Andalusian folklore. Before arriving in Cadiz, however, you can visit the beaches of El Puerto de Santa Maria.

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Beaches near Seville

Speaking of beaches, what are the best beaches near Seville? In the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva we find magnificent beaches just over an hour away by road that will not make you regret an excursion to the Atlantic.

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Travel tips

Seville is not an expensive city to visit but with some tips it will be possible to experience an even cheaper holiday.

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It is a city that deserves at least three days, but if you just think you remain a weekend then it will be necessary to make the most of the time.

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Seville: information and travel tips in southern Spain
City not to miss any detail.

THEsummer is the worst metrological epoch for visit Seville given the great heat. However, it will always be possible to have a great experience if you follow easy recommendations.

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Seville is not a rainy city, but it can happen that during our holidays the bad weather hits us. What to do in this case when it rains in Seville?

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Not everyone comes to Seville just to visit this magnificent city. Some people take advantage of their instance for learn or improve Spanish. This is a great option as there are many courses in the Andalusian capital.

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Finally, often after one visit to Seville you fall in love with this city and there are those who think of returning permanently. Living in Seville it is an unforgettable experience but some very important factors must be kept in mind.

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