Histoire Vivante : Monuments et Sites Historiques de Paris

Histoire Vivante : Monuments et Sites Historiques de Paris
Histoire Vivante : Monuments et Sites Historiques de Paris

Histoire Vivante : Monuments et Sites Historiques de Paris

Paris, the capital city of France, is a city rich in history and architectural wonders. As a Doctor of Art History and a certified tour guide, I have studied the art and architecture of Paris extensively. I have published numerous articles in art, architecture, and urbanism journals. Through guided tours, I offer visitors the opportunity to explore Paris and understand its history through its material and architectural forms.

These guided tours are suitable for all audiences and can be tailored to the interests and knowledge levels of the participants. Whether you are visiting Paris for the first time or seeking to deepen your understanding of a specific neighborhood, these tours provide a unique perspective on the city's evolution.

Victor Hugo once said, Architecture began like any form of writing. It was first an alphabet. The tours I offer are a quest to uncover this alphabet of architecture. Each tour is guided by the urban landscape and architecture, allowing participants to witness the birth of the university in the Latin Quarter, explore the aristocratic mansions in Le Marais, admire the splendor of 19th-century commerce in the covered passages, and discover the architectural gems along the banks of the Seine River.

These tours also delve into the history of Paris, showcasing the transformation of neighborhoods like Vaugirard and Grenelle from rural areas to industrial hubs and modern districts. Participants will learn about the early days of reinforced concrete in Paris and the controversies surrounding this innovative material. The influence of renowned architect Le Corbusier and the modernist movement in Paris is also explored. Additionally, the recently developed Batignolles neighborhood exemplifies the fusion of high-quality architecture and original urban planning.

Paris is a city that allows us to understand architectural history in relation to social, economic, and political life. Each guided tour tells the story of urban evolution by revealing its traces in the present-day landscape.

In addition to guided tours, I also offer lectures with visual presentations. These lectures can be organized in a venue of your choice and can be followed by a guided tour of a related neighborhood. The topics covered in these lectures can be tailored to the interests of your group, such as the bridges of Paris, the history of city walls and fortifications, or the transformations of Paris under Haussmann.

Unlike guided tours, lectures provide a broader perspective on different neighborhoods of Paris, even those located far apart. The themes covered can be broad or focused, and a single theme can be explored through a series of lectures. To request a lecture or guided tour, please use the contact form on this website, and a proposal and quote will be provided promptly.

For those looking to gift a unique experience to a family or group of friends, I offer gift cards that can be redeemed for a private guided tour. The recipient can choose the date and topic of the tour from the options available on this website. The gift card is valid for one year and is not personalized. Prices start at 100€.

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