The Restaurants on the Eiffel Tower

The Restaurants on the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic and “youngest” monuments of the city of Paris. Every year thousands of people pass in front of it, stop to take a picture with it, or decide to climb on its iron structure, to admire the panorama of Paris from above.

Among the beauties of Iron Lady there is not only the view, but also the good food offered in its prestigious restaurants.

The topics of Restaurants on the Eiffel Tower:

How many are there and what are they?

In addition to a buffet where you can enjoy quick meals, on the most famous tower in France there are two restaurants: the 58 Tour Eiffel and the prestigious Jules Vernes, managed by the multi-starred chef Alain Ducasse.

Is it possible to have both lunch and dinner?

Yes, both restaurants offer customers the opportunity to stop and enjoy their delicious dishes for both lunch and dinner, and offer extremely innovative and sophisticated menus and never banal.

58 Tour Eiffel

The Restaurants on the Eiffel Tower
58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant, on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower

Located on the 1st floor, the 58 Eiffel Tower, run by the chef Alaine Soulard, is one of the two restaurants on the Tower. Why 58? Because it is 57 + 1 meters high. Surrounded entirely by glass, it offers a magnificent view of the Trocadéro and the Palais Chaillot if you look outwards, and of the spectacular iron structure if, on the other hand, you look inwards.

The environment of the 58 Tour Eiffel is familiar and refined at the same time: during the day, it is the ideal setting for a decidedly chic picnic, while in the evening it transforms into an environment characterized by an intimate, muffled and rarefied atmosphere, with the city of Paris illuminated at your feet.

Prices and menus

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The restaurant offers different types of menus and tasting experiences.


Those who wish to have lunch at 58 Tour Eiffel you can book in advance (the ticket to go up to the 1st floor of the Tower is also included in the price of the lunch). If you have reserved a table, remember to go to the restaurant kiosk, where you can collect your tickets (at least 30 minutes before the time you booked) and access the tower through a privileged access.

The meal is served in two different time slots, at 12:00 and 13:30 and includes Appetizer + 1 course of your choice + dessert + a soft drink, or a glass of wine or a beer, for a cost of € 42,50 for adults and € 19 for children.

The peculiarity of the lunches of the 58 Tour Eiffel consists not only in the refinement of the menu, but also in the modality of the service, which foresees that the food is served and served in an original basket reminiscent of the picnic.


At dinner time the restaurant is totally transformed, becoming a place with a refined atmosphere, with a spectacular view over the city. The dinner proposal is very different from lunch, and includes different packages they offer a revisited traditional menu.

Dinner is served at 18pm and 30pm; for each of these time slots there are two or three distinct offers. Here's what they predict.

Service of 18:30

  • Offers Plaisir - Ticket for the Tower + glass of champagne for the aperitif + seat in the privileged room + appetizer + 1 course of your choice + wine (selection of wines from the local cellar) + mineral water + coffee. € 99 for adults, € 26 for children
  • Offers Emotion - Guaranteed seat near the window - Ticket for the Tower + glass of champagne for the aperitif + seat in the privileged room + appetizer + 1 course of your choice + wine (selection of wines from the local cellar) + mineral water + coffee. € 119 for adults and children

21pm service

  • Offers Sensation - Ticket for the Tower + glass of champagne for the aperitif + seat in the privileged room + appetizer + 1 course of your choice + wine (selection of wines from the local cellar) + mineral water + coffee. € 99 for adults, € 26 for children
  • Offers Service Premier - Place near the window - Ticket for the Tower + glass of champagne for the aperitif + mise en bouche + tasting menu (4 courses) + wine (selection of fine wines) + mineral water + coffee (accompanied by a small pastry). € 155 for adults, € 45 for children
  • Offers Service Premier Baie Vitrée - Guaranteed spot near the glass window - Tower ticket + glass of champagne for aperitif + mise en bouche + tasting menu (4 courses) + wine (selection of fine wines) + mineral water + coffee (accompanied from small pastry shops). € 180 for adults and children.


The restaurant menu is changed at least twice a year, to offer customers delicious preparations made with the first fruits of the season.

Here is an excerpt from the lunch menu:


Hard-boiled eggs, cream of leeks, duck pie in a thyme-flavored crust, cabbage and apple salad

main courses

Roasted Chicken Breast, Herb Mashed Potatoes, grilled trout fillet, Brie green lentil soup with legumes, coriander and smoked soya.

Cheeses and desserts

Passion fruit cream, mango jam, chocolate mousse with pralines.

And an excerpt from the dinner menu:


Creamy cream of chestnuts, mushrooms and dried Grisons meat, shrimp pocorn with sweet spices, avocado and grapefruit.

main courses

Ox cheek in red wine, smoked breast and Paris champignons, grilled sea bream fillet, spelled risotto from Haute Provence.

Cheeses and desserts

Profiterole, vanilla ice cream, thousand leaves with light vanilla cream, hot chocolate sauce, caramel au beurre salé.

Working Time

The 58 tour Eiffel is open every day for lunch and dinner with the following times:

  • lunch - nonstop service from 11:30 to 16:30;
  • dinner - first service from 18:30 to 20:30, second service from 21:00 to 23:30
  • snack - from 16:30 to 17:00

Jules Verne

“The sole ambition of the Jules Verne is to be itself: the most beautiful place in Paris to savor the pleasure of contemporary French cuisine” - Alain Ducasse

The Jules Verne is the gourmet restaurant of the Eiffel Tower, owned by the famous multi-starred chef Alain Ducasse, where it is possible to taste the typical dishes of French cuisine revisited in a contemporary way. Located on the 2nd floor of the Tower, it is a refined and elegant place, inside which you can breathe a dream atmosphere, created by the unsurpassed Patrick Jouin: during the day its rooms vibrate with vitality and energy, while in the evening the setting becomes intimate and cozy. To frame it, the wonderful view over the city of Paris.

Prices and menus

From 2014, those who decide to have lunch or dinner at the Jules Verne will be able to choose between two distinct tasting itineraries, one for three courses and one for 5 or 6 courses, accompanied by refined wines proposed by the restaurant's expert sommeliers.

Lunch menu - 3 courses

1 Starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert -€ 105

The Dejeuner Menu, which can be chosen from Monday to Friday for lunch, offers some classics of French cuisine revisited in a modern way. Among the dishes on this menu are:


Golden scallops with cooked and raw black radishes, delicate cream of pumpkin with toasted chestnuts

main courses

San Pietro fish with vegetables and citrus fruits, Challant duck with spices, beets and strong sweet sauce


Babà all'Armagnac with lightly whipped Chantilly

Menu Experience - 5 or 6 courses

5-course experience - € 190

6-course experience - € 230

The Menu Experience is a tasting itinerary consisting of 5 or 6 courses, depending on the chosen formula, and is available every day of the week, both for lunch and dinner. Here are some of the dishes on the menu:


Marinated sea bream with watercress, macaroni gratin with black truffle, vacherin contemporain mangue - citron vert

Working Time

The restaurant is open every day from 12 to 13:30 and from 19 to 21:30. Closed on July 14th.

Restaurants near the Eiffel Tower

The Restaurants on the Eiffel Tower
Ristorante Le Bon accueil

Of course, the restaurants on the Eiffel Tower are refined and classy, ​​but you can eat well, spending a little less, even in one of the many restaurants that populate the streets around the monument.

To the good reception

14, Rue de Monttessuy

It is a small bistro with discreet elegance, which offers customers tasty dishes, prepared with seasonal products.

The Clos des Gourmets

16 Rapp Avenue

A simple and elegant place, a few steps from the Eiffel Tower, characterized by a creative cuisine, with dishes prepared with quality products.

20 Eiffel

20, Rue de Monttessuy

This sober-looking place offers its customers a truly explosive menu, with dishes prepared with the fresh products that can be found at the market, and which change every month.

Restaurants overlooking the Eiffel Tower

The Restaurants on the Eiffel Tower
Georges restaurant

It is true that having lunch or dinner on the Eiffel Tower is an unforgettable experience, but also sitting at a table enjoying excellent food while admiring the imposing Iron Lady it can be just as beautiful.

Le Georges 

Located on the top floor of the Pompidou Center, Le Georges is an elegant and refined restaurant, offering dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, from which you can enjoy a 360 ° panorama over the city of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

The shadows

Les Ombres restaurant is located within the wonderful setting of the Quai Brainly museum gardens; from its privileged position on the terrace, where you can enjoy excellent contemporary cuisine, you have a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.

White House

Located on the terrace of the Théâtre des Champs Elysées, the Maison Blanche restaurant, by Bruno Franck, offers its customers a high-level culinary experience, combined with the possibility of enjoying a breathtaking panorama, in the center of which stands one of the symbols of the capital French.


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