Paris Price Guide

Paris Price Guide

Content and cost of living in Paris: expenses and prices

A holiday in the French capital can be expensive, but remember that it offers many possibilities: you will find out how much it costs to live in Paris by saving and spending more or less what you spend in Italy, in your city.

If you choose the best restaurants and hotels, it will certainly cost you a lot, but you can still have fun and enjoy the city even if you spend the right amount. Simply put, the cost of living in Paris is quite similar to major Italian cities like Rome and Milan. Find out the average costs of food, drink, services, hotels and leisure and how to save on public transport with Paris sightseeing cards. It's a unique city and well worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.

Average costs

By taking a look at the average prices in Paris you will realize that you will be able to visit Paris on a budget very similar to the one you have evaluated. Here is the list of average costs for food, drink, services and leisure in the French capital:

  • Coffee at the counter 1 € (seated 2 €)

  • Cappuccino 2,90 / 3,50

  • Sandwich 5 €

  • Water (33cl bottle) 1,80 € 1,80

  • A baguette of bread 1 € 1

  • A sandwich at the counter 4/6 € 4/6 €

  • Pizza 8/16 €

  • A beer in a club (half a litre) 6 € 6

  • One imported beer (33 cl) 6 € 6 € 6.80

  • Coca Cola (33 cl) 2,70 € 2,70 € 2,70

  • McMeal at McDonalds or similar fast-food 8 € 8

  • Cheeseburger with cheese € 2,60

  • French fries 2,40 € 2,40

  • Full meal (drinks not included and dessert included) in a budget restaurant 15/20 € per person

  • Lunch for 2 in a mid-range restaurant 50 € 50 € per person

  • Dinner for 2 in one of the most popular restaurants 105 € 105 € per person

  • Bottle of wine in the restaurant 21 € 21

The price of transport

To travel on the Paris metro, the RER train (zone 1), the RATP bus and the Noctilien night trains, the T+ single ticket (valid for one and a half hours) costs 1.70 euros (1.80 euros if you buy it on board a bus). You cannot use the same ticket for metro/bus, metro/tram, RER/tram and RER/bus connections.

If you intend to travel a lot, you must buy a booklet of 10 tickets at the price of 15.50 euros. To travel a whole day (from 5.30 am to 1.00 am) with the same ticket, you can buy the Mobilis ticket, valid on all public transport.

The price varies according to the zone:

  • 1/2: 7 €;

  • 1/3: 9,30 €;

  • 1/4: 11,50 €;

  • 1/5: 16,60 €

If you are under 26 and want to go to Paris at weekends, you can buy a weekend ticket for unlimited use of all public transport on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The price varies from one zone of the city to another: it goes from 4,85 € (zone 1/3) to 9,35 € (zone 1/5). To save as much as possible, the best option is to buy the Paris Visite and Paris Museum Pass tourist cards.

Paris Visite allows you to move freely and unlimitedly using all means of public transport, getting reductions on the entrance ticket in several museums, attractions, sightseeing tours and discounts (10-20%) in Galeries Lafayette and Disneyland Paris .

Hotels and accommodation

The offer of accommodation (from hostels to luxury hotels) is very wide in Paris, including B & B, family pensions, campsites. The price of the cheapest accommodation ( the hostel ) ranges from 24 to 34 euros . The different price ranges vary according to the type of service and the area: in the central areas, however, you can find a good hotel for 65 euros a night.

Below is the list of average costs for hotels in Paris:

    • 1 star 50 euros
    • 2 star 60-65 euros
    • 3 stars 85 €
    • 4 stars 135 €
    • 5 stars 370 €.
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