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Address: 7565 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Business type: Shoe store

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Customers have mentioned that the employees are very nice and respectful, with a rating of 10/10. They have also noted that the employees were friendly and helpful, unlike what some reviews may suggest.

Customers have praised the great selection of sneakers at this store. They have mentioned that there are rare specimens available, making it a great place for sneaker enthusiasts.

Customers have described the people at the store as nice and the prices as really good. They have also mentioned that they enjoyed going there, especially if they are sneaker heads.

Customers have mentioned that a well-known YouTuber was very nice and the best. This positive experience adds to the overall positive reputation of the store.

Customers have highlighted the great selection of sneakers, the nice employees, and the overall enjoyable experience at this store. The positive feedback from customers sets this store apart from others in the industry.

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