Reviews ASICS Outlet - Los Angeles Commerce

Address: 100 Citadel Dr #660, Los Angeles, CA 90040

Telephone: +1 323-728-2603

Business type: Sporting goods store

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At this store, you can find a variety of sports shoes, including women's padel shoes. Customers have mentioned that the store carries excellent quality and comfortable shoes.

Customers have praised the customer service at this store, mentioning that they were treated very well by the staff. One customer specifically mentioned that the employees will take care of you and ensure that you leave satisfied with your purchase.

Customers have mentioned that the prices at this store are good, with some even finding great deals on shoes. One customer mentioned getting a pair of $160 shoes for only $60, making it worth the drive to the store.

Customers have expressed their love for the Asics brand, stating that they have the best shoes for working out or everyday use. The store has been praised for carrying this brand and providing excellent customer service.

Customers recommend paying attention to promotions at this store, as some items have great prices. Additionally, one customer mentioned that sticking to their usual Asics shoes was the best choice, as they found them to be the most comfortable.

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