Reviews Cash 4 Chaos - Las Vegas Paradise

Address: 4110 S Maryland Pkwy Suite #28, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Telephone: (702) 699-5617

Business type: Record store

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User FAQs

Customers describe the store as having a great environment, with a cool and eclectic selection of items. It's a small store with goth, horror, and punk vibes, making it a unique shopping experience. Customers also mention that the store is their favorite in all of Las Vegas, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the atmosphere.

The staff at the store is highly praised by customers. They are described as super friendly, amazing, very helpful, and kind. They provide great customer service, assisting customers in picking out items such as Christmas gifts. Specific staff members, like Lily and Gabby, are even mentioned by name for their helpfulness.

The store offers a wide and eclectic selection of items, including accessories, clothing, shoes, rings, and even action figures. The clothing is described as unique and good for parties. Customers also mention a $5 bin and cool jewelry for punk rock. One customer even traveled from Mesa, Arizona to shop here, indicating the store's appeal.

The prices at the store are described as great and affordable. Customers mention getting a cool wallet and two shirts for twenty dollars, and quality shoes and rings at affordable prices. Even though the store offers unique and good quality items, the prices remain affordable, making it a great place to shop.

The store is described as unique for its design, quality, and affordability. The clothing is unique and suitable for parties. The shoes have a unique design and are of good quality. The store also offers a unique shopping experience with its goth, horror, and punk vibes. Despite offering unique and quality items, the store maintains affordable prices, making it a unique place to shop in Las Vegas.

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