The best tapas bars in Granada

The best tapas bars in Granada

Looking for the best tapas bars in Granada?

Granada famous city of art, also known for its lively university life, is home to an infinite number of places, from traditional taverns to more modern and original bars, which offer many variations in terms of tapas. But what are tapas?

Tapas are aperitif dishes served in bars in Spain as an accompaniment to a glass of wine, beer or even soft drinks.

In Granada, tapas are served for free. But let's find out which are the best tapas bars in Granada reviewed by web users.

The diamonds

For lovers of fried fish and more we suggest the traditional bars "Los Diamantes", an institution in the tapas bars of the city of Granada, there are even 3. Their fortune is due to the strictly fish-based tapa.

The oldest dating back to 1942 is located on Calle Navas, the second in Plaza Nueva and the third in the Realejo district. If you want to be amazed, we suggest you go to the oldest, a very small room always full of people where the waiters take the orders in mind.

Navas Street, 28
Plaza Nueva, 13
Rosario Street, 12

Bodegas Castañeda

One of the most famous taverns in Granada is the Bodegas Castañeda which is located on Calle Almireceros at the corner of Calle Elvira and a stone's throw from Plaza Nueva. It is a traditional tavern decorated with barrels, bottles, hanging hams, as well as the bust of an imposing bull, lanterns and various elements of Andalusian touch. Here you can enjoy tapas and house specialties, a combination of sweet and dry Andalusian wines and the traditional vermouth, a very popular flavored fortified wine in Andalusia.

Address: Calle Almireceros, 1-3
Telephone: 958 21 54 64
Facebook: Bodegas-Castaneda

The Riviera

Brewery and tapas bar with more than 50 varieties of beer and a large choice of free and abundant tapas of both fish and meat. A place always full of people, great if you don't want to cook at home.

Address: Cetti Meriem Street, 7
Telephone: 958 22 79 69
Facebook: CerveceriaLaRiviera

The Minotaur 

El Minotauro is a typical bar for a drink and a tapa with friends. All tapas are accompanied by potatoes and olives. A place not to be missed!

Address: Carrera del Darro, 23
Phone: 958 22 13 99

South of Granada

Compared to the other places on the list, Al Sur de Granada is different. The appearance is certainly not the most inviting when the place is quiet, but as soon as it is filled up a little, you will understand that eating and drinking in a shop can actually be a pleasant experience; you will see the customers spread out between the interior and the street and you can taste the fantastic cheeses and cured meats of the house in a completely different atmosphere. The restaurant is actually a sales point for wines and local products; inside you will find a couple of barrels used as tables and a few stools.

Address: Calle Elvira, 150
Telephone: 958 27 02 45
Facebook: alsur.degranada

Gastronomic tavern Chantarela

Lovers of good gastronomy will find in Taberna Chantarela the perfect fusion of traditional cuisine with a touch of the avant-garde. Irresistible culinary proposals made with high quality products. Recipes of Spanish cuisine whose flavor reaches a new dimension thanks to the creativity of chef Marco Lorente. There Gastronomic tavern Chantarela It is the ideal place for family, business or friendship reunions where you can enjoy a wide range of imported beers and a wide variety of wines.

Address: Calle Águila, 20
Telephone: 958 25 42 36
Facebook: Taberna-Gastronomica-Chantarela

Torcuato House

The Casa Torcuato restaurant is a restaurant and bar in the Albayzin district that offers typical specialties of traditional Spanish cuisine to be enjoyed for lunch or dinner or as tapas.

You can find a great variety of delicious recipes on your menu and the specialties you must try are the steak with fig caramel, sandwich with octopus, potato tortillas. It also has a large open-air terrace.

Address: Calle Pages 31, (Albayzin)
Telephone: 958 28 81 48
Facebook: Restaurant-Casa-Torcuato

Taberna La Tana

Founded in 1993, it is a tavern specializing in Spanish wines, with over 400 brands from all wine areas of Spain.

Address: Calle Rosario, 11 Bajo, Angolo with Placeta del Agua
Telephone: 958 225 248
Facebook: TabernaLaTana

Bar Casa Julio

Since 1947, in a corner in the heart of Granada, this bar is famous for the quality of the fried fish and the house wines.

Address: Calle Hermosa, 5
Facebook: barcasajulio

Bar Poe

Bar Poë is a tapas bar in the heart of Granada. It has a wide range of drinks, from local beers to those from around the world. Each drink is accompanied by a free tapa. You can choose from a fantastic selection of tapas inspired by different cultures, countries and flavors: the famous hot Portuguese Piri-Piri, the traditional Brazilian bean stew (Feijoada), the new Thai chicken dish or Italian vegetables and much more.

The bar is international, as are the tapas served! It attracts local people, Spanish students from all over Spain, international students (Erasmus). It is a great place to meet new people, chat with the bartender Matt and his beautiful wife Ana.

Address: C / Verónica de la Magdelena, 40
Telephone: 985 43 67 81
Official website:

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