Nativity scenes in Granada

Nativity scenes in Granada

Each year the municipality organizes a nativity scene contest in Granada and awards numerous prizes to promote this ancient tradition

There are three modes depending on the source of inspiration for the nativity scene: historical, traditional and popular, as well as prizes for nativity scenes made by children.

This representation of the birth of Jesus is a tradition that dates back to the thirteenth century and its spread in all countries of the Catholic religion is due to St. Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan order.

In many corners of the city of Granada you can admire beautiful nativity scenes during Christmas and until 6 January.

Some nativity scenes are even 15 meters long, such as the Monumental Bethlehem built by the Realejo-San Matías neighbors association in the Palacio de los Condes de Gabia.

There are also smaller nativity scenes in schools, parishes and associations.

In various places in the city of Granada you can visit the best nativity scenes to enjoy the atmosphere of the city during Christmas and New Year.

Here is a map of some nativity scenes in the city.

In the Plaza Nueva area you can visit the Nativity scene of the Museum of San Juan de Dios nella House of the Pisa.

Also, in this area you can see the Bethlehem of the Cathedral, located next to the main entrance of the Cathedral, and the Nativity Scene of the Town Hall, certainly one of the most visited next to the Municipality.

Since the 80s, the Confraternity of the Nazarene has created one of the most awarded cribs in the neighborhood in the Convento de las Carmelitas Descalzas (Plaza San Juan de la Cruz).

In the Church of Santo Domingo the Brotherhood of the Holy Supper he builds his nativity scene with great effort and patience, painting and restoring the figures themselves.

If you are in the Albayzín neighborhood, you will find beautiful nativity scenes made by associations in the neighborhood.

Remember that many of the cribs are inaugurated after the Constitution and Immaculate Conception bridge, in mid-December.

The award ceremony takes place every year in Plenary Hall the Municipality.


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