Italian restaurants in Granada

Italian restaurants in Granada

Are you in Granada and are you nostalgic for Italian cuisine? 

Do not worry! We offer you a list of the best Italian restaurants in Granada to indulge in the pleasure of eating Made in Italy even abroad.

Let's find out:

Viva Maria!

One of the best known Italian restaurants in Granada is Viva Maria !. It has a typical menu with the best dishes, desserts, wines and coffees all of authentic Italian tradition. Every day Mrs. Maria prepares with passion the rolls of pasta for the lasagna and the focaccia that accompanies each dish and is always looking for new tasty recipes. Throughout the week you can choose between two types of menus: a vegetable flan, drinks and dessert for € 7,90 or a nice plate of lasagna, drinks and dessert for € 10,90. With a table for four people and another for two, it is the ideal restaurant for dining as a couple or alone. Also to take away.

Address: Calle San Jeronimo, 10
Telephone: 627 75 58 56
Facebook: Vivamariagranada

Cacho & Pepper

Authentic Italian gastronomy in Granada. The place is very small designed mainly for take-away food. You will find: lasagna, cannelloni, fresh pasta and homemade sauce, stuffed aubergines, parmigiana, stuffed zucchini, stuffed tomatoes with rice and potatoes, mozzarella, burrata, stracciatelle. Really not to be missed.

Address: Calle Colcha, 6
Telephone: 858 12 53 24

Flavor to Italy

Sapore a Italia is an “Italian gastronomic” space that will transport you to the most beautiful Italy passing through the tastes and emotions typical of this land. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Sapore a Italia restaurant is a new structure in the heart of Granada, a place of international cuisine where you can enjoy the genuine flavors of Mediterranean and Italian gastronomy. The restaurant's proposals as tapas are Russian salad, Croquetas, Salpicón and broken eggs with acorn-fed Iberian ham. The bay squid, tuna and a myriad of pasta dishes, such as spaghetti with seafood always appetizing and exquisite. Suitable for groups and children. Also take-away cooking. Reservation not compulsory.

Address: Luis Braille Street, 7
Telephone: + 34 958 56 54 75
Facebook: gusteaitalia

The Sicilian Focacceria

Focacceria Siciliana offers you a gastronomic journey through the best Italian and Sicilian recipes. Specialties: pizzas, focaccia, arancini, lasagna with pesto, homemade appetizers, tiramisu, Sicilian cannoli, pizza and calzones with nutella and walnuts and much more.

Address: Calle Elvira, 117
Telephone: + 34 958 28 93 37
Facebook: The Sicilian Focacceria

La Casa della Pasta

A place where you prepare the fresh pasta you want, where you can enjoy genuine flavors of Italy.

La Casa della Pasta prepares pasta, filled or not, every morning. Cook it at home or take the dish of the day if you don't have time to prepare it ...
You can also find an assortment of cheeses, sausages, sauces, pestos and typical wines.

Address: Car Street of S. Matias, 12
Telephone: + 34 958 22 79 46
Facebook: The House of Pasta

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