Hot air balloon flight in Granada

Hot air balloon flight in Granada

The Granada balloon flight adventure is one of the most exciting activities taking place in Andalucia.

Hot air balloon flight in Granada. The provinces of Granada, Malaga, Cadiz and Seville have the most suitable landscapes to experience the wonderful adventures in air sports such as hot air ballooning.

The thrill of flying in a hot air balloon, discovering another way to enjoy active tourism and have a different view of cities like Ronda, Granada or Seville.

Experience a new style of adventure!

Living an unrepeatable sensation, flying in a hot air balloon is floating in the air, experiencing a unique feeling of calm and silence, being carried away with lightness and delicacy by the wind. Flying in a hot air balloon is an experience you will never forget.

Begin your hot air balloon experience from your central Granada hotel, for the journey to the launch site, a short distance outside the city.

Upon arrival, watch the balloon inflate as you listen to a quick safety briefing with your guide.

Climb into the hot air balloon and soar high into the sky with the pilot. Each balloon is roomy enough to comfortably hold up to 10 people, so there's plenty of room to take in the panoramic views as you gently hover in flight.

You'll fly over the Sacromonte neighborhood of Granada, where the city's first gypsy community carved caves in the rocks, then the Alhambra.

Set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the pink-hued mansion is magnificent to see when the sun rises, and the view from the top allows you to appreciate the size of the complex.

Fly over some of the main attractions of the city of Granada, such as Albayzín, a romantic-looking neighborhood characterized by white houses and Moorish architecture.

After about an hour of flying, the pilot will provide further instructions for a soft landing. Back ashore, head to a nearby café to enjoy a hearty Andalusian breakfast.

The dishes vary according to the season and the products available on the day of the tour, but typical items on the menu include coffee, tea, chocolate, bread with tomatoes and olive oil and orange juice.

Relax while you eat and toast your group with a glass of champagne. The perfect way to celebrate your balloon flight over Granada!

Please note: the duration of the balloon ride varies according to the wind conditions of the day.

Reserve your flight!

The tour costs a little (about 200 euros) contact the tour operator to confirm the price!


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