Unter den Linden: The long avenue "under the lime trees"

Unter den Linden: The long avenue
Unter den Linden: The long avenue "under the lime trees"
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    photo by Scott James Remnant via flickr It is next door that in 1933, in what is now known as Bebelplatz, took place the stake of approx 25.000 books considered dangerous by the Nazis and where the luminous panel currently stands that reveals the underground monument composed of empty shelves.

    Monuments and buildings to visit during the walk

    The elegant avenue connects the Brandenburg Gate with the Schlossbrucke (the Castle Bridge), continuing west as Strabe des 17 Juni and east as Karl-Liebknecht Strabe. Along the avenue we find official buildings such as the Embassies of France and the United States of Americathe historic Hotel “Adlon” dating back to the 20s and the buildings of the Federal Republic, but also other important buildings and monuments.

    • Holocaust Memorial. It is a field where 2751 steles have been placed, in memory of the Jews who lost their lives during the Nazi regime, located between the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz.
    • Humboldt University. At the eastern end of the boulevard, Berlin's oldest university is located. Among the distinguished graduates of this university we remember Karl Marx, Johann Gottlieb Fichte and George Willhelm Friedrich Hegel.
    • Crown Prince's Palace. It is the palace of the Crown Prince which housed various members of the royal family until the abolition of the monarchy.
    • New guardIn front of the Kronprinzenpalais, the Guardia Nuova houses the temple dedicated to the victims of fascism and militarism, but also the Kathe Kollwitz statue “The Mother with the Dead Son”, not to be missed.
    • State Opera Unter den Linden. The State Opera “under the lime trees”, between Unter den Linden and Bebelplatz
    • Alte Bibliotek. Near the State Opera is the old library, where Lenin went to study in 1895.
    • St. Edward's Cathedral. Also located on Bebelplatz, it is considered the main Catholic place of worship in the city and is the seat of the Catholic bishop of Berlin. A curiosity: its architecture is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome.
    • Zeughaus Berlin. The Berlin arsenal is the oldest building located on Unter den Linden. Built starting in 1695 in the Baroque style, it was to house the Prussian artillery weapons, while today it is the seat of the Historical Museum of Germany.
    • National Library. Located in a neo-baroque style building with a beautiful courtyard and a fountain. It deserves a stop.

    Where to eat and take a relaxing break

    If the long walk Unter den Linden it has taken away a lot of energy, know that along the avenue and around it there are several restaurants, bars and cafes where you can take a relaxing break. From the Einstein Coffee, characterized by an intellectual setting with a retro style and offering a wide choice of sweet or savory dishes perfect from lunch to dinner, at Nante Eck, a tourist restaurant but with an excellent quality-price ratio, open from breakfast to dinner.

    For a romantic dinner, however, a valid alternative is the Dressier, restaurant with a very nice decor, not far from the Brandenburg Gate.

    photo via findingberlin.com

    Also worth trying CookiesCream, club and restaurant very in and with a relaxed atmosphere, e crackers, a trendy but somewhat hidden restaurant on Friedrichstrasse. And if you have regained your strength, remember that Friedrichstrasse, the longest street in Berlin, is just 2 steps away Unter den Linden. Here you will find numerous shops, shopping centers and as many bars, cafes and restaurants.

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