Recommended hotels in Berlin

Recommended hotels in Berlin

Berlin is a city that offers a wide variety of hotels where to stay overnight that each have their own peculiarity and a series of advantages. Those who travel to Berlin must therefore know what their needs and requirements will be during the holiday in order to choose the best accommodation.

- hotel in Berlin they satisfy both those looking for the luxury and comfort a few steps from the most important tourist attractions and those looking for hotels economic and easy having a limited spending budget. Almost every neighborhood in the city offers accommodation of all kinds, from the most sought after to the cheapest.

However, it can be said that there is a tendency towards a higher concentration of cheap hotels in those that are alternative neighborhoods belonging to the former East Berlin, such as for example Friederichshain or the new trendy neighborhood Neukölln. These cheap hotels offer spaces in common with other guests, to be able to share their travels and offer alternative and unconventional solutions where to spend the night.

Unusual and original hotels

Berlin offers a wide range of unusual accommodation, from luxury suites to budget hostels, for those looking for original accommodation. Here are some of the coolest accommodations in Berlin.

Sleeping in an art gallery

Who is looking for unusual accommodations in Berlin should definitely sleep inside one art Gallery, for example by choosing the Arte Luise Kunsthotel. More than an art gallery than a hotel, this unusual Berlin hotel is housed in a restored neoclassical building dating back to 1825. The restoration began as an art project and was only later transformed into a hotel. Each of the 50 rooms was individually designed by an artist; located in the trendy Mitte district, guests have easy access to an abundance of art galleries, great restaurants and trendy bars.

Also very interesting is Art'Otel Kudamm, designed for lovers of modern art and dedicated to the brilliant artist Andy Warhol. The property offers a free guided tour to illustrate the life and works of the artist and the rooms are enriched by works of art by Warhol and photographs by Christopher Makos.

Finally, the Propeller Island City Lodge it is an extremely particular hotel, completely inspired by the works of Lars Stroschen. The hotel rooms allow you to sleep inside coffins placed on scaffolding inside a labyrinth or in a diamond-shaped room entirely covered with faceted mirrors, but also in a room with a bathroom with red glass walls or still a room entirely padded with green leather.

Sleeping in a GDR building

You are looking for a accommodation in Berlin that makes you take a trip back in time to the city of the 70s and 80s? The Ostel - Das DDR Hostel perfectly captures the nostalgia for former communist East Germany. Located in the Ostbahnhof area inside a Plattenbau, which is an old Soviet building, the Ostel is a fun budget hostel; here it mixes modern kitschy style with a nostalgic veil for days gone by. The rooms, varying in size and in a 70s style, are decorated with wallpaper, lounge upholstery, large lamps and transistor radios.

Sleeping in a recording studio

If you music fans and playing an instrument is your passion, sleeping in a recording studio inside a hotel completely dedicated to music could prove to be a really winning choice.

Launched as Europe's first music hotel, Berlin's Hotel nhow has quickly gained a reputation for its fabulous design. The 304 rooms that compose it were designed by the New York designer Karim Rashid. At the nhow Hotel there are also recording suites and musical instruments available which can be requested in the room 24 hours a day. The same staff of this hotel have followed musical studies. The evenings of the hotel are then animated by improvised concerts that take place on the roof of the building.

Other original accommodations

As Berlin is an avant-garde and contemporary city, there are also other really curious hotels, which are at least worth mentioning. This is the case of the Bikini Hotel, which aims to create an "urban jungle" complete with animals and plants, with long vines hanging from the ceilings. The originality is perceived in the common areas but also in the rooms and in the restaurant, with an internal bakery available to guests and a van that offers street food right in the hotel parking lot.

Storage is also worth mentioning, a one-of-a-kind concept where the owners have transformed a former warehouse into a modern facility. It functions as a super-trendy apartment, where guests can stay in one of the five rooms, each with their own color scheme - red, green, brown, dark blue and gray - and share common areas at the same time, together with other guests. Located in the Neukölln district, this property is sure to be an opportunity to share your Berlin experience with other travelers.

luxury hotel

Like any major European capital, Berlin also has a wide range of luxury hotel; many are historic hotels dating back to the early 900s that tell the story of the city through guests who have stayed in their rooms.

In Mitte, around the main streets Friedrichstrasse and Unter den Linden are some of the most luxurious hotels in the city, including the Soho House and the Das Stue (a wonderful historic building, formerly the seat of the Danish embassy).
The district of Market is another area where you can find luxury hotels in Berlin, including the Casa Camper, as is the district of Charlottenburg, where there is for example the Bleibtreu.

Often these hotels, with their refined interiors with warm and welcoming colors, offer a refuge from the hustle and bustle of central Berlin. The centrality of the hotels at the same time allows you to enjoy unique scenarios for example by looking out the window of your room; it doesn't take much to be inspired by the facade of the Pergamon Museum or the Berliner Dom, if you stay for example at the Hotel Cosmo, while if you stay overnight at the Hotel Adlon, on Pariser Platz, the view of the Brandenburg Gate will leave you amazed.

Starred restaurants

Many luxury hotels in Berlin also offer excellent service from the point of view of Catering. In fact, in these structures there are some of the best restaurants highly rated by the Michelin Guide itself.

Just remember the Cinco da Paco Pérez restaurant at the Das Stue hotel, the Facil restaurant at the Mandala hotel or the Luchs restaurant at the Lux 11 hotel, run by chef Christian Kalaf, which offers excellent Italian cuisine.

Then consider that these hotels, located in the tourist center of Berlin, offer the best and widest choice of restaurants and bars in their vicinity, which can satisfy everyone's tastes and needs.

I comfort

In addition to an excellent kitchen service, what is particularly cared for by these hotels, in line with the trends of recent years, is the possibility of offering their guests a SPA path, in line with the best spas.

Comfort is the basis of the service offered by luxury hotels in Berlin: for example, the Soho House offers an excellent wellness center, the Cowshed and the same does the Hotel Mandala, in its main location in Potsdamer Platz.

Business Hotel

Berlin it is an attractive destination not only for tourism but also for global commercial business. In fact, it is home to many of the largest companies in the world, making the city ideal for conferences, congresses and trade shows.

The hotel areas for business trips

The Business Hotels in Berlin are located near the airports or the main railway stations, precisely because of the need that guests have for short stays and quick transfers, without losing precious minutes waiting for a transfer. The hotels themselves, in the event that the distances are not within walking distance, make provision private shuttle to ensure that their guests can reach planes or trains at the right times.

It must be said, however, that i business hotel in Berlin they are then located throughout the city, both in the historic center and in the financial districts, most often where there are the headquarters of foreign and multinational companies; this is the case ofInterContinental with its over 500 rooms available.

Features of business hotels

Many business hotels in Berlin belong to established chains around the world and meet standards that are appreciated and sought after by their regular guests. The decor of the rooms is usually minimal, but basic. Throughout the structure a valid wi-fi connection is available and often there are also areas dedicated to workstations for the PC, with computers, printing devices, scanners available to customers. The hotels have meeting rooms to facilitate the business meetings of their customers.

Some business hotels also offer SPAs and wellness centers, to make the stay of business travelers relaxing and welcoming after a day of work.

These facilities also have some good ones agreements with car rental agencies for customers who need a car; for this reason, Berlin business hotels often have guarded parking areas.

Travelers who bring certified evidence that theirs is a business trip they are exempt from the tourist tax equal to 5% of the list prices.

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