Reach Berlin by bus

Reach Berlin by bus

One of the best means of transportation to get to Berlin can be considered the bus. Safe, convenient, convenient, it has significant advantages. In addition, the numerous bus parks in the capital allow you to get on and off easily, facilitating travel.

The national and international bus lines to and from Berlin are all directed to the Central Bus Station (central bus station, abbreviated to ZOB) located in the very central district of Charlottenburg.

The bus trip from Italy to Berlin

Leaving by bus for Berlin can be the right choice: the journey is long but comfortable, so you can sleep and wake up directly at your destination. From Milan it takes about 12 hours, first crossing the Swiss border of Chiasso and then crossing into Germany at the Swiss-German border of Kriessern. From there there are still 8 hours to reach the destination, along a relaxing route mostly motorway.

Bus companies to reach Berlin

Reaching Berlin by bus is also easy thanks to the numerous companies that make the route from Italy.


With over 1000 connections throughout Germany, FlixBus is one of the largest national transport companies. Its offer is characterized by great flexibility and Wi-Fi connection, toilet and snack service are available on board.

The prices, compared to many other companies, are lower. The FlixBus stops in Berlin can be found at the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof bus station and tickets can be purchased online or from travel agencies.


MyFernbus mainly offers international services, traveling to over 180 cities in Europe. This company also offers comfortable travel with internet connection on board at very affordable rates for traveling to and from Berlin.

In addition to the stops at the airport and the Berlin ZOB, there are also stops at Südkreuz and Alexanderplatz - making it very easy to get to the city center. Tickets can also be purchased online from the comfort of home.

Post bus

Another line of national caliber is Post bus, which reaches all major German cities from Milan and Turin. It offers conference seats, internet connection on board and a media library that guarantees entertainment during the journey. Stops in Berlin are located at Berlin Brandenburg Airport, the Berlin Zoo and the ZOB.

Berlin lines bus

Berlin Linien Bus is made up of a number of companies that own 30 national and 25 international bus lines that connect Berlin with over 350 destinations in both Germany and Europe. It does not carry out direct service from Italy but it could be a valid possibility if you decide to reach Berlin by bus from another German city or from a city in Central Europe.

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