Garten der Welt: The gardens of the world in Berlin

Garten der Welt: The gardens of the world in Berlin
Garten der Welt: The gardens of the world in Berlin
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    From Italy to Japan via Korea

    Garten der Welt contains within it different types of traditional gardens reproduced in the smallest details where it will be possible to relive the philosophies of the world. Here are the ones that have caught our attention the most.

    Chinese garden

    One of the most popular is the Chinese one, also called garden of the moon regained (the moon in China represents peace and perfect harmony), a homage to the reunification of Berlin at the end of the cold war. Among the reproductions of small Chinese houses, you will find a bar where you can take the classic tea to be enjoyed sitting in front of the pond.

    Italian garden

    Undoubtedly, the Italian garden is also worth a visit, with flower beds and statues in full Renaissance style, shaped trees and a central fountain that is very reminiscent of the gardens or courtyards of our aristocratic palaces.

    The Arab Garden and the labyrinth

    A few steps away from the "home" atmosphere you can stroll through the peaceful and quiet Arabian garden; full of fountains and evergreen plants, embellished with the traditional tiles decorated with arabesques and enriched, around, by reproductions of buildings in the Arab style. Just outside the garden you will find a hedge maze (another area among the most visited of the park) and you can choose whether to get lost in the paths looking for the exit by yourself, or to use the map provided at the entrance to facilitate "work". Children will love this area of ​​the park very much!

    Japanese and Korean gardens

    Another interesting point of the Garten der Welt is located in the area that includes the Japanese and Korean gardens. Both beautiful! Full of tree-lined paths marked by pebbles and rocks, small ponds and the constant sound of flowing water; in the Korean garden you can admire the reproductions of statues of religious deities, while in the Japanese one you will be struck by the beauty of the characteristic buildings built around the vegetation and, in spring, by the cherry blossom.

    Christian garden

    The creation of the Christian garden is truly unique, with the presence of different varieties of small stature shrubs. It develops within a quadrangular structure with a modern design which remotely recalls the structure of the classic "cloister" located inside religious buildings.

    • The Garten der West is constantly expanding, as evidenced by the numerous signs with the words "work in progress" scattered throughout the area and this suggests that others will soon be added to the existing gardens.

    A place of relaxation suitable for everyone

    The visit to Garten der Welt is suitable for everyone, young and old. Children can run and play in the open air, and adults can relax by walking, reading a book or sunbathing in one of the quiet picnic areas.

    • A tip that can be useful, especially if you are traveling with your family, is to bring water and food from home, the prices of bars and restaurants are a bit high.

    Days and hours of opening

    It is possible to visit Garten der Welt from Monday to Sunday every month of the year, in winter from 9.00 to 16.00 and from April to September from 9.00 to 20.00.

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    Where are

    Garten der Welt is located within the Erhlungspark Marzhan, in the district of Marzhan, on the eastern outskirts of Berlin.

    How to reach them

    It is possible to reach the Giardini del Mondo by taking the metropolitana linea S7 from Alexanderplatz towards Ahrensfelde, get off at Marzhan and take bus 195 for four stops.

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