Flohmarkt am Mauerpark: Berlin's most famous flea market

Flohmarkt am Mauerpark: Berlin's most famous flea market
Flohmarkt am Mauerpark: Berlin's most famous flea market
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Already from the times of ancient Prussia a large portion of the Mauerpark it was used for parades and military exercises, for this reason it was also the arena of numerous popular protests, it was then used as a freight station for the nearby Northern railway and again became a militarized zone during the two world wars.

The name Mauerpark or "Wall Park", In fact, it dates back to the time of the Berlin Wall (built in 1961) which here marked the border between the districts of Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding and coincided with the so-called" death strip "the no man's land inserted between the two parallel walls of reinforced concrete, which divided the city in two.

The soul of the Mauerpark

In the various historical phases that the city of Berlin lived, the green area of ​​the Mauerpark it has always been claimed by citizens as a place of recreation and sport, in fact the area is also located Max Schmeling Hall, a building used for musical and sporting events and the sports complex Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sports Park, with a great stadium. On the back of the latter there is also an original remnant of the Berlin Wall 300 meters long, a memorial to one of the darkest periods that the country has experienced.

Today, the most famous flea market in Berlin

You, a lover of markets, cannot miss the one at Mauerpark il Berlin's most famous flea market. The vision is that of a free and vibrant public space that becomes one of the favorite Sunday afternoon activities for Berliners and tourists visiting the capital.

Today, in fact, a large lawn remains, a meeting and leisure place. The vast flea market Sunday is largely made up of private individuals who offer articles of all kinds for sale: you go from vintage clothes, shoes and items on bicycles, old vinyl records, junk of all kinds to rummage through. Old objects, found in who knows which cellar of the buildings emptied by socialism, antique photos and coins, German porcelain, military objects.

There is also an area dedicated to food where you can take a break and have a bite to eat. Then, there is the show. Buskers everywhere, they arm themselves with instruments, microphones or drum machines and perform in every corner accompanied by the encouragement of visitors.

Always highly anticipated it is show of the outdoor amphitheater, operating from spring to autumn that gathers an audience of hundreds of adults and children, offering different kinds of shows, famous those of mime and karaoke.

Take the opportunity! The market takes place every Sunday from 08:00 to 18:00.

Where it is

Address: Bernauer Strasse (63-64)

How to get there

U2 - fermata Eberswalder Straße
U8 - fermata Bernauer Straße
Tram M10 - fermata Wolliner Straße

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