Berlin by car

Berlin by car

To explore Berlin by car it is a great way to venture around the city in complete autonomy, without having to submit to even efficient public transport, their timetables and the possibility of strikes or delays.

Getting around Berlin by car is simple thanks to excellent signs and clear indications, and represents a big advantage for those who have little time available: the city is really huge and to move from one extreme to another or from a monument 'other with public transport it can take a few hours and several changes between bus, tram and subway.

The speed limit allowed on the roads of central Berlin is 80 km / h, on the ring of the Berliner Ring it is 100 km / h. Please note that electronic speed checks are very frequent in Germany and the German police are quite strict in applying the rules.

Parking in Berlin

There are some free parking in specially dedicated areas: in most of the peripheral districts it is possible to park the car anywhere without paying, and to reach the center by public transport. On the other hand this implicitly means that in almost all central Berlin districts you have to pay for parking.

Free parking in Berlin

Looking at the map of Berlin, only in a small portion of the city are there a fee: it is the center, where the Parking area, that is the area of ​​paid parking. For those who have to leave the car stationary for a long time, the cheapest, even free, and simplest option is to park in a free area outside the center.

Paid parking in Berlin

Have the opportunity to become aware of the Parking area is a great way to learn a German word that will allow you to impress your friends. For more practical purposes, however, it should be noted that parking rates in Berlin are calculated every 15 minutes and increase the closer to the center the car park is chosen.

Urban highways

The motorway network, free as in all of Germany, effectively connects all areas of Berlin and the capital to other major German cities. The motorways that pass through Berlin are:

  • A10 (Berliner Ring), ring road mainly outside the city;
  • A100 (Berlin city ring) Seestrasse - Neukölln motorway triangle;
  • A103 (West bypass Steglitz) Sachsendamm - Wolfensteindamm / Schlossstrasse;
  • A111 (Reinickendorf feeder) Oranienburg motorway junction - Charlottenburg motorway junction;
  • A113 (Teltow Canal Autobahn) Autobahn triangle Neukölln - Adlershof e Autobahn triangle Treptow - Schönefelder Kreuz;
  • A114 (Pankow feeder) Autobahn triangle Pankow - Prenzlauer Promenade;
  • A115 (AVUS) Autobahn triangle Funkturm - Autobahn triangle Nuthetal.

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