10 vintage clothing stores in Berlin

10 vintage clothing stores in Berlin

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10 vintage clothing stores in Berlin
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Class of Berlin

Gro├če Hamburger Stra├če 19 a - Mitte

Class Of Berlin is located in Mitte in the oldest area still standing today, in the heart of historic Berlin. You have to go up to the second floor of the building and there you will find Berlin-made clothing, retro fashion, denim, accessories, music and books, a large stock of unique items from 1930 to 1960. Once you have chosen your perfect outfit, boys, you will find at your service a men's barber in "other times" style that will know how to complete the outfit. Opera. Open Monday to Saturday / 14pm - 20pm

Miss Anders

Nollendorfstrasse 28 - Sch├Âneberg

The actress Lilly Anders he realized his secret dream by giving life to the shop Miss Anders or "Miss Anders". In Schoneberg district the shop sells second hand vintage clothing, mostly dedicated to women's fashion 50s and 60s. Bags, jackets, scarves, jewels and many other little treasures from past decades. Lilly takes great care in the preservation of products with a keen eye for sizes, details and its customers. Open Monday to Friday / 11-19 and Saturday / 11-16.

Miss Glitter

Boxhagener Strasse 14 - Friedrichshainda

Fr├Ąulein Glitter means "Miss Glitter" and is a rare shop of its kind. In addition to devoting himself to the sale of vintage clothes and accessories for men and women, from the 20 years to the 90 years, sells second-hand, elegant and unique pieces of fashion design and offers the possibility to rent suits, costumes and accessories, complete outfits for special events such as weddings, theme parties or other kinds, offers a Burlesque Styling professionally run and including a hair and makeup service from make-up artist Marcel Frank. Open from Tuesday to Saturday / 12-20 hours.

Paul's boutique

Oderberger Str. - Prenzlauer Berg

La Paul's boutique they call it "The Mothership", the flagship, because it is the first and original point of sale of what have become four different shops, two in the Prenzlauer Berg district (Pauls Boutique e Goo), uno a middle (Chapter Mitte) and yet another in Neuk├Âlln district (Repeater). Sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, leather jackets, period clothes and a lot of things to wear but also old tin toys, portable and collectible Star Wars stereos. Open Monday to Saturday / 12 - 20pm.

Vintage Berlin

Karl-Kunger-Str. 54 - Kreuzk├Âlln

Shop in existence for over 10 years, for some time located in the new and larger location in the Kreuzk├Âlln district, that is the intermediate area where the Kreuzberg district fades into that of Neuk├Âlln. From Pinup-style fashion to Boho-chic, which combines elements of bohemian and hippy fashion. Vintage clothing original and used items of contemporary fashion. From the elegance of the 20s, new look of the 50s, anti-fashion of the 70s, then the 80s and 90s. The product range is complete and the quality is well preserved. Open Monday to Friday / 12-19 and Saturday / 11-16.


Ahornstrasse 2, Berlin - Sch├Âneberg

It probably is the first second-hand shop in Berlin to sell its products by the kilo. A real underground garage, a large area that houses a rich heritage of vintage clothes and accessories from every period and inspiration. Every Wednesday the savings grow, from 11 to 13 is Happy Hour, an additional discount of 30% is added to the already advantageous prices. The great success recorded by Garage led to the creation of two other stores, one in Mitte district (Made in Berlin) and the other in Kreuzberg district (Colors). On the dedicated website, you will find the pages of each of them. Open Monday to Friday / 11am - 19pm and Saturday / 11am - 18pm.


Suarezstrasse 53, Charlottenburg

Spitze has been open in the Charlottenburg district for 25 years and dedicating itself to the fashion of a hundred years for men, women and children: objects, hats, shoes, bags, costume jewelery, crafts and clothing, as well as various fabrics and utensils, from the period between 1860 and 1960. Products in excellent condition, finished, cleaned and treated as each single element requires. Their clients also include film and theater productions in search of costumes and props. Open from Tuesday to Friday / 14-18: 30 pm and Saturday / 11 am-14pm


Allerstrasse 6 - Neuk├Âlln

Located in the lively Neuk├Âlln district, 44diamonds offers a colorful mix, for women and men, of vintage clothing and objects along with a latest fashion selection. Carefully controlled and selected pieces in street, urban, casual, classic style as the owner likes to define her goods as an "old school but goldschool" style "old school but gold school". Open from Tuesday to Friday / 14 pm-20pm and Saturday / 12 pm-18pm

Boot Combine

Breitenbachstrasse 24-29 - Prenzlauer Berg

If you are a shoe lover, this is the right place for you. Boot Combine inside it has approx 4000 pairs of shoes, women's and men's collections, placed on shelves or simply dangling from the ceiling. In addition, you will find a large collection of items and utensils on display 40s to 90s, there is no shortage of lovely combinations of vintage furniture.

Trash chic

W├╝hlischstrasse 31 - Friedrichshain

It is located in the heart of the Friedrichshain district, has an Anglo-German name and is known for the unusual second-hand clothes sold inside the shop.  Trash chic (Trash-Chic) retains some of the punk style it was born with when the area was mostly populated by squatters. Everything retains a touch of "ostalgia" as the Germans call "nostalgia for the old east", the focus on the state of the products is visible and the collection is mostly 80s oriented. Open Monday to Saturday / 12pm to 20pm.

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