10 Berlin attractions to visit for free

10 Berlin attractions to visit for free
10 Berlin attractions to visit for free
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Despite Berlin is a city in a constant phase of development, it remains one of the cheapest European capitals. Deciding to visit the city requires a limited budget, plus, I suggest 10 attractions to see for free in Berlin.

photo by Wolfgang Scholvien via flickr Brandenburg Gate and Unter den Linden

Due to their adjacent location, you can visit the famous Brandenburg Gate and Unter der Linden boulevard in one fell swoop. The first is the only one left standing of the ancient access gates to the city, which became a symbol of the separation of the country in the dark years, and today the emblem of the reunified city. The beautiful Unter der Linden starts from here “Avenue of lime trees”Where walking is a pleasure for Berliners and tourists.

photo by Jens Fersterra via flickrMuseum Island

A unique monumental complex in the Mitte district of Berlin, which emerged between 1823 and 1930 on the island in the middle of the Spree River and placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as the most relevant example of the concept of museum art. Guests of the island are the Berlin Cathedral and five of the main museums of the capital, each of which blends harmoniously with the general picture shaped by the island and its gardens.

photo by malditofriki via flickr Holocaust Memorial

Il Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe is a huge monument located in the street, right in center of Berlin, place of remembrance and commemoration for the six million victims of the Holocaust. To compose it, 2711 blocks of stone, an abstract form that is integrated by a Information CenterUnderground placed in the southeast corner of the field.

photo by Reichert via flickr East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is an open-air art gallery and one of the few original parts of the Berlin Wall that have not been demolished. Recognized as international freedom memorial, is one of the few authentic monuments of reunification. He will give you one walk of over 1,300 meters in front of the Wall, during which you can admire the over one hundred murals by many international street artists. Some of the graffiti have become very famous over time and the monument attracts over 3 million visitors every year.

photo by Wolfgang Staudt via flickr Dome of the Reichstag, the German Parliament

La Dome and the terrace of the Reichstag building can be visited for free and will give you a breathtaking view of the city ​​of Berlin. To access it, you must register in advance by filling out an online form, you can do it from the site, by fax or by post. They will be available free audio guide for adults and children, a special audio version for the blind that includes a tactile model and a video guide for the deaf in sign language.

photo by edwin.11 via flickrGedächtniskirche

The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche is the church built in honor of Emperor Wilhelm I between 1891 and 1895, once a reference point for the social and religious life of Belino, which was partly destroyed by the bombings of the Second World War. Today a ruin remains deliberately left to symbolize the horrors of war. Next to it, one was built there new church in a modern key, which can also be visited for free.

photo by Henning Muhlinghaus via flickr Topography of Terror

The wall was demolished and it was intended to completely eliminate it from the city, then it was decided to keep a piece of it in that area where, between 1933 and 1945, the Central Service of the Secret State Police, the Prison, had been located in succession. the Gestapo, the Central Security Office of the Reich, the General Command of the SS and the Security Service of the General Command. In their place, the Topography of Terror takes the form of an open-air exhibition and a covered center that document the historical events of those years, of that place from which the policy of extermination and National Socialist persecution was managed.

photo via berlin.de Anti-War Museum

The Anti-Kriegs-Museum o Anti-War Museum it was reopened in 1982 and strongly supported 15 years earlier by Ernst Friedrich German economist, philosopher and writer with a strong anti-Nazi sentiment. The museum display includes photographs, documents and objects that tell stories from the First and Second World Wars and there is a large map of the world indicating all the conflicts currently taking place.

photo via alliiertenmuseum.de Museum of the Allies

Il Allied Museum is located in the authentic historical site, where American troops were once housed, the largest lot of Berlin assigned to US soldiers and their families. Inside the "Outpost Theater" you will find the first part of the permanent postwar exhibition, which focuses on the history of the Berlin airlift between 1948 and 1949. In the “Nicholson-Gedenkbibliothek” there is instead the second part, among the objects exhibited here you can admire the original structure of Checkpoint Charlie.

photo by Olivier Bruchez via flickrDeutscher Dom in Gendarmenmarkt, the German Cathedral

The Deutscher Dom is one Protestant church in Berlin, which overlooks the splendid Gendarmenmarkt square and faces its twin, the Französischer Dom (French Cathedral). Its baroque style structure was destroyed by fire during the Cold War and the church was rebuilt rather faithfully only in 1993. The building now houses the permanent exhibition "Wege, Irrwege, Umwege" ("Streets, confusions, detours" ), five plans dedicated to the development of the liberal parliamentary system in Germany.

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